Welcome to my website, Cybersecurity Matters…and doesn’t it just?

This blog serves as a cathartic exercise for me; an opportunity to provide my two penn’orths on the threats, vulnerabilities and breaches we are seeing today. My homophonous title is for more than effect, it’s a reflection that cybersecurity has become a critical business unit in organisations across all industry verticals.

Cybersecurity is no longer just about deploying the right malware scanner or correctly configuring a firewall. Keeping any organisation safe is about setting standards for how people use data, networks and applications; who can access them, how they’re architected and a long list of other controls.


During the 2018-2019 festive period, I posed to my LinkedIn community a question which elicited a response I wasn’t expecting. I asked friends and colleagues which social platform they were using for blogging. I was surprised by the lack of consensus; some espoused the benefits of LinkedIn, others were big fans of Peerlyst. Medium was suggested as a mechanism to reach the masses. I was none the wiser.

I received some sage advice from my industry peers, ‘Hodson, you should create a canonical source for your writing’ (or words to this effect). This website will serve as my ‘master repository’ – I’ll share content to social channels, but using cybersecuritymatters.blog as an authority location.

I don’t know everything, far from it. I vividly remember the theme tune to 80s cartoon Henry’s Cat in which it’s professed that the aforementioned yellow feline ‘knows everything about nothing and not too much about that’. It’s hard not to sympathise – cybersecurity is now such a broad discipline that it’s impossible to go deep and wide and remain credible as a ‘subject matter expert’ – I will, however, do my best to give a view on the areas I know about – I will also bring across commentary from others in the profession where I feel it adds value.

In my day job, I write and speak about cybersecurity in its various guises: trade press, interviews, podcasts, magazines and newspapers. For the past three years, I have been fortunate enough to work as an advisor to CISOs and Security Directors in organisations across the banking, healthcare, media, pharmaceutical…you get the picture. Exposure to those running cybersecurity for some of the world’s largest companies has provided me with a cornucopia of writing ideas.

Post Frequency

The production of this site followed an Agile methodology – by that, I mean I’m working on a minimum viable product. I will post articles and ideas as the mood takes me. I travel a lot – I frequently find myself with hours to kill at an airport or long haul flight. As a result of sporadic availability, I may end up with a deluge of posts one week, then nothing for a fortnight. Sorry, I’ll endeavour for consistency where possible.

Post Format

Tell me what works. I am a passionate writer – most posts will in blog form, although I want to include some videos, webinars, surveys and interviews. At present, the site contains a page for blog posts and another for a selection of media engagements which were either recorded or notable in some way. There are several interviews in the diary with friends in the industry which will be posted to a ‘Security Insights’ section in due course.


All comments on this site represent the author(s) not their employer or any other parties (unless explicitly stated).